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It's Never Too Late!

It is never too late to follow your passion and purpose in life.

I found my passion later in life due to childhood traumas ill spoken words and misguided love that had me gripped with fear. I had to find the courage to get over my fears by facing them. I dealt with the fear of failure, inadequacy and the unknown which was lies from the devil. I now have the boldness and confidence to know that I am enough and that I have what it takes to create designs that people will love. Finding my passion and creating beautiful designs after the age of fifty has been one of my best accomplishments. I am completely unique and one of a kind and so are my designs. Welcome to Darlene's Kreative Home staging Interior and Redesign

So, what do I do? I specialize in helping you make your homes comfortable and beautiful by using what you already have to transform your home for yourselves or to get top dollar in the resell. My expertise is also in partnering with realtors by offering home staging and preparation services to their clients to obtain more listings, market the listings and better sell the homes faster and for more money.

Buying a home is a wise investment, it is where you will live, enjoy, relax and grow your family. My goal is to create beautiful spaces to appeal to you as the homeowner or to buyers by preparing the home to sell. A few years ago, when I was purchasing my home there was a delay in the process that resulted in me having to second guess if I would ever be a homeowner. I had to wait on God’s timing and strategy to be made manifest then the answer came. I signed the deed and a couple of days later I received my keys. Waiting on God is not a punishment nor is it a denial from him.

You can read more of this in my book “In the Waiting Room”. It will encourage you on how to steward your time while you wait on your promise from God.

You can pre-order the book soon. Thank you for visiting my page. I have included a picture of one of my designs in the portfolio section to display my work.

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